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“A Residence of Resonance,” Oil on gessoboard, 8″x10″

Imagine the hum of the breeze and soft sounds
as she breathes peacefully and safely
in her secret space below the trees.

My cats always seem to find exceptionally wonderful places to sleep. And you can tell because when one finds a good spot, the other takes his or her place if he or she gets up for one reason or another. It stands to reason that this phenomena is not limited to cats and dogs – am I right? Of course I am! I love to imagine all the wonderful places animals have created for themselves under the earth and inside trees. I like to leave colored bits of fabric and string in the yard to help birds and squirrels make warm and cozy nests for themselves and their kin. If only I could see inside their nests!

I’m so excited to be able to show all my new paintings this year in just a matter of two weeks! WHERE DID THE YEAR GO!???? This painting will be available for sale, framed for $600. I’ll have prints available, some books and drawings too. So if you’re there, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Get your tickets for IX10 for October 18th-22nd!
Info here: http://imaginativerealism.com/registration.html