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“Violeta, Before Triumph,” Oil on gessoboard, 8″x10″ by Gina Matarazzo

In a daring and bold move unsuspected by her critics, Violeta elegantly and gracefully prevails, restoring the honor of her mighty and noble family. What sort of action this was, she did not divulge to me, but rest assured that it was most spectacular!
Fair Violeta will be exhibited at IX10 in October and will be available for sale, framed, for $600. I had a lot of fun working on this one. And check out the excellent frame, I have for her…
I thought the frame was so perfect, that I didn’t do the usual “painted frame” border around it. I love painting fanciful borders, but sometimes I opt out for certain reasons. Sometimes due to the previous comment and sometimes due to the size of the painting. For smaller paintings, to maximize painting space, I’ll exclude a border…but usually make sure I have lots of fanciful details to compensate. I am excited to be working on the two paintings I am currently involved with, but I’m looking forward to working on something larger too. I have vague ideas but nothing concrete yet. I have plenty to keep me busy until IX10. I still have to frame everything officially (the above picture is not real…I just threw her in the frame to take a quick photo), make prints and postcards and such and organize myself.
On a side note, I’m looking forward to being a juror for this year’s “Phillustration” show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. It’s a wonderful show and PSC is a fine institution with lots of art history. Art can be submitted now until October 15th. There are cash prizes and there is a nice opening to attend if you get accepted. Here’s the prospectus if you are interested and pass along the info to anyone you know who might be interested in entering! Click on the images below to view submission guidelines.