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It’s surprisingly fun to look at the progress of my own drawing. Ha! I really can’t wait to start painting it. I mentioned in my last post that it’s an idea I cam up with a few years ago. Sometimes ideas need an incubation stage. I think I wouldn’t have liked this idea as much had I tried finishing it before. Or is that just what I tell myself for procrastinating on it? Ha! I am trying to make more progress on my other painting I’ve started before starting this one. So I’ll do a color study at some point and then start this one. I’d like to get it done in time for IX10, but I might be pushing it. I still have a lot to do for it. I’ll know better in two weeks if it’s even a possibility.

On another topic, I was looking through all my Instagram pictures I’ve taken over the past few years, and it reminded me of how memorable pictures are for me over everything else. I’ve never had the greatest memory my whole life. I’d study for a test, pass the test and boom! — most information was gone within days. If I don’t use the information, I lose it. It’s probably the same for most things with me, but sometimes something triggers recall of a particular memory. When I look at pictures, I’m instantly taken back to what was happening in the photo and what was going on in my life. That’s why I like Instagram so much. Since you can preview everything as picture uploads, it’s all good memories. You don’t have to sift through comments and things or anything weird that someone posted on your wall like on Facebook. I guess I’m fairly “picturecentric” to coin a phrase, though, since I make pictures too. Although I guess pictures make everyone remember stuff. I guess that’s why everyone is so hell bent on taking pictures with their phones while cool stuff is happening. Maybe they’re secretly all worried they’ll forget all the good moments without having pictures to back them up?

Next week I’ll post the finished painting of “Violeta, Minutes Before Triumph.”

Stay tuned!