It is no doubt that I’m overworked. But the weird thing is, the more I’m working on, the more I get done. And the more I’m working on, the more ideas I get. I like juggling things. It’s really hard being creative sometimes in your free time when you have a creative full time job. And vice versa, really. Some days I don’t get enough sleep because I’m working late on a project or I might be in bed, but thinking about working on a project I’m excited about and have a hard time falling asleep. Or sometimes I just crash at 10pm on the sofa because of the aforementioned. When I have goals, I am overly dedicated to them. If I don’t have any real goals, I’ll work slow and not get anything done. It takes a while to learn that about yourself. And yet, as I’ve probably said before, I’m a lazy person in a workaholic’s body. I would LOVE to laze about and relax and take naps all the time. The main problem with that is, if I let myself get too relaxed for too long of a period of time, I’m afraid the lazy person in me would never want to work again. Does that make sense?


Anyway, in between working on other things, I posted a video on my website this week that I’m very excited about. I co-created it with my brother, who composed a beautiful original musical score for the project. It’s purely delightful! It’s only two and a half minutes long, so take a look/listen! It’s kind of a visual journey of my artistic vision of late. I thought it would be a good introduction to my work for my website and wherever else for people who aren’t familiar with my art yet. And if anyone needs original music for a project, Chris is available with reasonable rates. You can contact him at cjmatarazzo(at) for more information.

Go check out the video here.

Hope you liked it!

Off to finish a freelance project and hopefully to bed at reasonable hour. I’ll let you know how that worked out.  😉