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"King Birdy" (Oil on panel, 6"x6")

“King Birdy” (Oil on panel, 6″x6″)


"King Birdy" (Graphite on Paper)

“King Birdy” (Graphite on Paper)

Well, I’ve been so busy painting that I forgot to post the sketch for this painting before I did the painting! Ha! So here’s the finished oil painting and I threw in the sketch just because I should have done that before. I had great fun painting this fella. The fatness and coloring of his feathers made me think of portraits of medieval kings and/or King Henry VIII. For some reason, I feel strongly that he should have a Queen, so I’ll be working that up soon too. They will make a nice pair, I think.

I’ve been enjoying painting more regularly and I have a big goal this year. I’ll be displaying my work in a great art show in October! More information on that when the time comes nearer. I haven’t had a good goal in quite a while. I find it invigorating!

I’m getting a little ansty/fidgety because I’m still in sketch stages with the Queen Birdy and the next larger painting. I don’t want too much time to pass between paintings. I tend to forget valuable lessons learned rather quickly! On this painting, I put a medium cool ground of acrylic paint underneath the drawing. It made for a much quicker painting in that it prevented me needing to build up layers of color for opacity. It was a welcome change from the Chipmunk painting where I didn’t do that and I had to spend a lot of time building up color. There’s nothing wrong with that process – in fact it can yield glowing results – but for a girl with a full time job, she needs to make good use of every free hour she has available. Especially when most of her free hours are late at night when she’s already tired from designing all day.

Hope everyone has a good week!

See you next time!