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"Tamias Striatus." Oil and gold leaf on claybord panel. 11" x 14."

“Tamias Striatus.” Oil and gold leaf on claybord panel. 11″ x 14.”

“Tamias Striatus.” My little Saint Chipmunk.

I learned a lot with this painting, including how to gold leaf with genuine gold leaf, which is a little trickier than using composition gold leaf. For example, it will stick to parts that you aren’t expecting it to! So if I ever gold leaf a painting again, I’ll most likely gold leaf at the start of the painting. Another reason to gold leaf the area first was that it changed the look of the painting considerably…meaning the color of it made an impact on other colors in the painting. It made such an impact that it required a fair amount of repainting! It’s such a pretty thing to add to a painting. It’s going to be hard to restrain myself from using it more often. I don’t really want to make it a regular thing. But in this case, when I came up with the idea, it was obvious that the halo should be gold leaf. This is my little homage to the little character in our yards that makes a big positive impact on our ecosystem. Good job, little fella, good job!

Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone! Let’s keep the love going all year round.