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Iggy the Iguana by Gina Matarazzo

Iggy the Iguana by Gina Matarazzo

I’m at “I.” After “J”, things will get better. “J” can be a difficult letter. At work, I hate when people request a script font for their name if their name begins with “J.” Often the typefaces have silly looking “J”s. Quite irritating. They often look like “I”s or “T”s, so I find myself adjusting the letter or adding a curly cue or whatever to make it look like the right letter. But I guess that goes the same for “T” and “I” names too. They all look like each other! Ah, a designer’s dilemma! The things we fight against on a daily basis. 😉 What else do we fight against? Ugly titles. People ought to pay attention to how their titles look in type before committing to them. Haha. That gets me burned up too. But that’s another story.

I started laying all these out in book form with text, and they are looking quite colorful and fun. Will be great to see all 26 letters done! But I have no idea what the cover would be yet. Hmmm. We’ll see. The theory is finish this by the end of the year. Only 17 more to go! Doh! Better get ta workin’!

Have a good weekend!