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“Mouse Valentine” by Gina Matarazzo ca. 2004

A Happy Valentine’s Day to you from my vault of art! Without knowing it, I just realized mice have been a common theme of mine. You’ll understand in a second or two as you scroll down…

"Mouse Paradise" sketch by Gina Matarazzo

“Mouse Paradise” sketch by Gina Matarazzo

Above is the new idea for an oil painting I hope to get started on in the next week or so. I call it “Mouse Paradise.” I’ve been tossing this one around for a while in between working on the alphabet. Here’s a semi-rough sketch in progress. Now to work on pushing the values and figuring out color. I’ll do that digitally, so you’ll see that at another time. On the alphabet front, I’m about to finish up “G” as well.

Right now, I really just want to sit and listen to the rain, but I’ll force myself to get some work done. Sigh. How I long to be lazy…

See you next time and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Don’t take your beloved for granted ever!