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New letter for my alphabet book. “C-at Conductor.” Based loosely on my own kitty cat, Georgie Porgie.

"C-at Conductor" by Gina Matarazzo

“C-at Conductor” by Gina Matarazzo

“C” is also for cookbooks. And I got a pile of cookbooks for Christmas that I’m anxious to start cooking from. Although, I’m a little cooked out what with all the holiday festivities the past couple of weeks. But suffice it to say, that one of the books was Essential Pepin, and in this book are 700 recipes including one for croissants. So if I can’t get a good croissant around here – since my visit to Paris ruined me for subpar croissants – maybe I can learn to make them myself. Although, that skill could be bad for my health and those around me. Haha. If only there would be research finding that butter is better for you than vegetables. One has to dream, right?

In the meantime, hope everyone had a nice holiday and has a great New Year’s Eve!

For fun, I leave you a recap of “B” and “A.” As I commence, I will recap in groups of three. Except for the end since 26 is not divisible by 3.

"A-lligator" by Gina Matarazzo

“A-lligator” by Gina Matarazzo

"B-ear King" by Gina Matarazzo

“B-ear King” by Gina Matarazzo