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When I feel guilty for spending too much money on Halloween decorations, I tend to start making some. Here are three new Halloween pals for the household display. First is a skully guy…

L’il devils are hard to find. I made two. This is one of them…

Kitty kitty…

On a side note, I know some people are freaked out by “evil” things like devils at Halloween probably mostly for religious reasons, but I find it quite surprising that they don’t know that part of the reason these spooky visages became a part of Halloween ritual (among a myriad of other things) was to ward off spirits from crossing over their threshold into this world. But then most people don’t read up on that kind of thing…and that’s why there are people who want to cancel Halloween celebrations in their towns in some states.

Speaking of  party poopers, what’s one pet peeve you have about Halloween? Mine is when they show some dental hygienist on the Today Show or whatever talking about how to avoid giving kids sweets on Halloween. For Pete’s sake, people, it’s Halloween! They’re not making a lifestyle out of it. Boo-hiss on them! (And thanks for the ever so useful public service announcement. Like we don’t know already that sweets are bad for teeth and to make sure to brush.) Aye aye aye.

Hope your Halloween’in is in progress too! Have fun!

See you next time!