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Since I’m still wavering/flopping around on new ideas for a new oil painting, I figured I’d busy myself with another letter in the alphabet… “Bear King Riding a Bike with a Bunny in His Basket.”

For a reminder of “A”, go here.

I’m super excited because this year I’m doing the cover for the Disc Makers calendar! One perk about that is I don’t have to bother figuring out how to incorporate the actual calendar. So much easier! But most importantly, the theme this year is creatures in songs and I am doing “Puff the Magic Dragon.” That’s got great potential! That’ll keep this gal busy for a while after work since it’s a freelance job. I’ll most likely be spending too much time on it than necessary, but I think it’s an excellent opportunity for a really fun piece.

On another note, I’m just about done decorating for Halloween this year and because I need to stop spending money, I’ve made a few new little Halloween pals to join the collection. I’ll post them next week! MS says I have Halloween dysmorphia. Kind of like body builder dysmorphia where they think they’re much smaller than they are, so they pump way too much iron and get wayyyyy too big. Haha. (I think I don’t have enough Halloween decorations, so I keep buying/making more.) My gal pal and Halloween partner in crime, Morgan, says it’s more like Halloweeny-itis. We both got it bad.

Have a great weekend! See you next week!