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I recently did a series of cover ideas for a client at work using simple geometrics. This color scheme was in my first three ideas pitched, and although I was skeptical that they’d pick it, I was delighted that they really like the colors – BUT alas, they didn’t like the design elements I used (originally I used chevrons).  I thought I could resurrect their interest by changing the design elements, but to no avail. You win some you lose some as they say. They went for the third of six designs that I wasn’t as keen on in the end. BUT at least I get to show you the ones I really liked. The name and title were changed for anonymity. When I get permission, I can show you the design they did go for.


I think I was hoping for the dot cover to be approved. I liked the addition of the multiplying colors and I thought it would be lots of fun working that theme through the whole design. Ah well. Maybe I can reuse it for something else some day. We’ll see. Some of my co-workers have been successful at doing that, but I tend never to remember to try that.

As predicted in one of my previous blog posts, I’m at an annoying stage where after finishing the bear portrait, I don’t have any solid ideas for anything new yet, so I’m just spinning wheels now. I hate that. Ugh. You’d think I’d learn by now to just slow down when I’m finishing something to get another idea going.

All for now! See you next time!