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Below you see a complete indulgence I allowed myself this week, exploring the alphabet book I’ve had swirling around for many years. Something funny about making a usually aggressive creature so passive. This is digitally painted.

“A-lligator” (Digital)

On the oil painting front, things are progressing and I am happy to report that I’ll be able to paint most of the weekend. Getting in a couple solid days of painting during the daylight hours will really get this thing moving along. And who knows, maybe I’ll be able to paint our new porch steps that will be built this weekend too. We’ll see how the weather treats us.

Got a lot done for a quiet uneventful Friday night. Finished the alligator above, did a little shopping at Target, hemmed a pile of clothes that I’ve had piling up, did a bunch of laundry and updated my website. Sounds lame, but I consider that a fun Friday night. Heheh. More merrymaking will be had next weekend. MS and I will be going to see our pal’s band, Jet Weston and His Atomic Ranch Hands play. Can’t wait!