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I’ve been quiet, but busy. I managed to paint quite a bit over the weekend and I found out I like painting tedious things. I’ve gotten quite a bit done on the border. It’s about 75 percent done. Working on birdies now and will progress to the dress soon. For some reason I’m painting from the top down. (Except for the border).

Here’s a recap of the border:

Frame a couple weeks ago.

Border as it is now:

Frame progress to date.

Here’s a peek at the whole thing. Fortunately since it’s not close up, you can’t see the areas I painted and have to re-paint. I just LOVE when I drag my hand through the wet paint (like the hat). Argh. I blame it on being left handed. I’ve got quite a ways to go, but it’s nice that I’m not staring at that blank board anymore. I’ve been trying to use Donato Giancola’s painting medium, but still finding it tricky to use. Either it dries everything out too fast for me, or I feel like I’m painting on too slick of a surface. Just haven’t nailed it down yet.

That’s all for now. Don’t know how far I’ll get this week. Have a pretty busy weekend ahead, including having a yard sale and going to Allentown Art Museum to see this lecture and visit the “At the Edge” exhibit again.

Stay cool, everyone! It’s been hard to do so in this neck of the woods. See you next time!