I’m kind of weird in that I’m quite unattached to “things.” Meaning, although I enjoy the things we possess, be they a powerful computer, adorable knick knack, or fabulous outfit, etc., the loss of one particular item might make my lip jut out in sadness for a few seconds, but then I’m over it and figure said item is replaceable, so whatever. I’m not overly sentimental about many things. BUT there is one item that I’m sorry needs replacing…

This apron has served as my smock since about 1992, from college to this very day. It sure has worked hard for me (as you can see, it kind of serves as a brush cleaner/wiper). It’s so over used that it won’t really accept paint anymore! Its use is ended and I must seek a new one. If I had some sort of film footage, I’d play a montage of all our happy times together. Insert foggy edged frame in your mind: Me with wet paintbrushes in my hair, wearing the above apron, searching the house for the very paintbrushes I didn’t remember were in my hair…me wearing ye old apron in my bedroom at my parents’ house, clad in t-shirt and undies (seriously dunno why I lost my pants!), apprehensive about how to paint falling snow on a painting of Scrooge without messing it up but succeeding and running into my mom’s room to show her…forgetting the lack of pants. Ah memories! RIP apron o’ mine. We had some great times together!!! Disclaimer: I swear I don’t make it a habit of painting pant-less. It’s not really a safe practice and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

Later, y’all!