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First, let me start with how AWESOME the At the Edge opening was! It was so incredible to see so many works of art that have inspired me for so many years ALL IN THE SAME EXHIBIT! It was filled with tons of artist, both represented in the show and not represented and tons of fans of fantasy art. It was delightfully crowded for an opening preview. MS and I intend to go back to really take it all in a few times this summer. If you are in the area, it’s at the Allentown Art Museum and runs now through Sept. 9th. Here’s MS being silly, pointing to his painting. It’s nice to see the scale of the thing. It’s almost as tall as me!

Here’s a great sketch James Gurney did to document the event and thank the guest curators and staff at Allentown Art Museum.

Greg Manchess recaps the event here at Muddy Colors.

And a wonderful news piece by the Lehigh Valley Mirror. MS’s painting appears in this one!


And let’s not forget our local Phillustration Show too! Here’s a link to the winners and the exhibit. Yours truly won “Honorable Mention” for “Night of the Gypsies” in the book category and MS won “Best in Show” for “42.”Β  In the words of the amazing illustrator, Joe DeVito – who was also represented in the At the Edge Exhibit – to me when Matt went to accept his award: “…You can take him next year.” Hmmm. Indeed, Joe, indeed. πŸ˜‰

All for now! I intend to channel this inspirational weekend into some work and have a delightfully uneventful weekend. Boy are we pooped!

See you next week!