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Well, I finished my “Pig Cupid” piece earlier than expected. If you’ve been poking around my blog for a while, you’ll recognize some of my favorite themes…hearts and cupcakes. Haha. Here it is (pencil drawing colored in Photoshop):

On another note, I finally have time to transfer the bear portrait onto my board and intend to do some color studies. I hope to start painting next week.

In the meantime, I have quite a weekend ahead of me! There is a show called “At the Edge: Art of the Fantastic” which will open on Saturday at the Allentown Art Museum. It’s going to be amazing and even MS has a painting in the exhibit! It’s the first time a collection of its kind will be in a museum setting. The curators, Pat and Jeannie Wilshire (who also organize the event called “IlluxCon” every year) are dedicated to the elevation of  fantasy art, which is to say they work hard at promoting fantasy as being just as important as any other form/genre of art. The show will be exhibiting amazing works of art from the 18th century to present day. I just can’t imagine not coming home inspired from this show. I’m sure we’re going to have to visit it a few times this summer. Early thanks to Pat and Jeannie for doing so much hard work putting this show together. I’m sure it’s been a LOT of work to put together. If you are able to take the trip, I think it’s a must see exhibit.

On Sunday we have the “Phillustration V” show at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. As usual, MS has a couple paintings in the show and guess whose “Night of the Gypsies” got in as well?

So it looks like this girl won’t be getting much work done this weekend, but will have a lot of fun! It will be great to see some of our show buddies we saw in Kansas City so soon and other artists we usually wouldn’t see until November.

Well. That’s it. See you next time! Keep on creatin’!