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So I think I officially have “car lag.” I’ve coined the term myself, don’t you like it? Twenty hours in the car is a lot. Although, after the first 8 hours, it goes pretty fast. Haha. We got home around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and today I was definitely fuzzy brained at work even though I got myself into bed at a decent hour.

I really didn’t take any photos of the event we went to, because I forgot our camera. But I MUST show you the drawing we bought from Scott Gustafson! I flipped through his book and saw a few I was thinking about purchasing, but when I saw this I knew it was the one to get! Isn’t it fabulous! Made my day! Another addition to our pile of awesome unframed artwork. Man. I’m glad MS has connections to wholesale framing! I’m sure if you frequent my blog, you’ll understand why I like Scott Gustafson’s work so much.

Really too tired to post much more. I’ll be more fun next time, I promise. Night night! Have a great Memorial Day weekend and thanks to our veterans, right? Right!!!