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She’s shaping up. I’m still working out the values and have mocked up a frame for it too. I didn’t draw the frame, but pieced it together from a neo-classical design book by Dover called “Neo-Classical Design And Ornament.” It’s a hodge-podge of a few different designs. I may experiment with another frame or two depending on my willingness to paint this one. If I do use this one, I’ll likely simplify it some. My tendency is to think that it’s too ornate, but as you know, design was very over the top in that time period, so it works for the piece historically speaking. We’ll see how I feel later. Maybe when I start to do color studies I’ll change my mind.

A detail of one of my favorite parts (a friend said she remembered I said there would be mice in this piece, but never dreamed they too would be in costume):

As I work this sketch out, I already know that when I start painting, I can’t obsess with this one and make it my sole focus. I’ll need breaks from it to keep my sanity. This is kind of ironic considering I feel I have too many breaks from my personal work, since I have a day job. But what happens is, because I can’t spend as much time as I like on it, it makes me very impatient to finish projects and I can get obsessive. Make sense? So I’ll be working on other projects here and there too. You’ll see one of those next time. There’s a pig involved.

Have a great weekend! Boy, do I need to cut the grass or my neighbors will send a posse to get us!