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Spent part of last weekend sculpting a little maquette to help me figure out lighting. Looks more like a boy here than intended, but hey. It will serve the purpose, I think.

I like the little bit of light coming in from the left. Subtle. Nice shadow on the background.

On this one I like the glint of light on the nose.

This one’s pretty good. The darks are a little dark, but I can lighten them up.

As I continue gathering reference, I’ll be working more on the drawing to work out the idea. I’ll be able to squish this around and pose it differently if I have to. Love sculpey, but man is it greasy. (Say it with me: “greezy.”) Haha.

Some people leave work early to pick up their kids from school or pick up their mom at the airport. Today I left work a little early to go to Pierre’s Costumes in Philly. Awesome! I can’t believe I’ve never been there! MS went with me and helped me pick out a dress for my model to wear so I can shoot photos for further reference. She will be very pleased to be able to wear such a great costume. The rentals are very reasonably priced. (Although, as a student, I admit, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it). It’s a great alternative for certain projects. They have stylists who help you get your costume together since they have over a million costumes in stock. That’s right…million! I brought in my favorite photos of dresses I liked and he measured me (because my model is about my size), went back in the warehouse and brought out a few to choose from. I also picked out a hat and they’ll put feathers on it for me! Can’t wait to pick it up this weekend and shoot reference! Why, it’s like an adventure, this making art. And who said it was easy? Pfff. Fun maybe, but not easy. πŸ˜‰

Have a fabulous weekend! You know what I’ll be doing!