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Maybe I’m a little like Carol Burnett. If you’ve ever seen biographies about her, you’ll learn that she had a hard time singing without there being a character behind it. Meaning she rarely just sang as “herself.” There was always a story or joke behind a song performance that made her feel at ease. So maybe that’s kind of why I always gravitate toward humor in my work? For some reason, portraying humor has always been much more “me” than so called serious art. I don’t take myself too seriously, so it comes out in my art. I guess I just always wanted to make pictures that make people smile, because those were the ones that resonated the most with me all my life. But unfortunately, like comedy, those are the kinds of pictures that are never seen as important or as meaningful or skillful as “serious” work.

Anyway, speaking of pictures that make you smile, I’m finished with the gypsy bear painting. Although I can’t guarantee I won’t fuss a little with it again at some point. Time to move on and learn more with the next painting. So my friends, she is waiting to be varnished so I can get a decent scan of it. I had intended to show it this week, but my scan was picking up EVERY inconsistency in the surface, making it one big fight to get a nice image out of it. It took me a long time to be happy with the painting, so I want a digital image that will do it justice. Even if the painting isn’t perfect, I’d like a good scan of it. I even tried taking a nice photo outside, but you just can’t really get the same clarity as a scan.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my plate wall in the kitchen. Finally put up some really cute square dish-like objects that people have given me. I had one, but I needed two. When I got the second one, I couldn’t find the first one. So I finally found the first one and hung them up. That inspired me to hang more things up. Here are two new plates I made for the wall. One for me, one for MS. Guess which one is for MS.

The eggs and bacon are new, but you might remember the cupcake from one of my textile designs I did last year…

Well, off to work on my sketch for me new painting and maybe figure out what else will look adorable in my kitchen.

See you next time!