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This was a recent illustration and design I did for a client at work. Her requests were pretty simple. She wanted the cover to be a portrait of herself and for me to incorporate, birds, bees and flowers. She mentioned she liked lavender and aqua and that her name means “water.” All requests within my means to deliver! This is one of the few illustrations I’ve done at work that I really like how it ended up. The client was very open and even gave suggestions during the process that made me like the design even more. Often when a client makes “corrections,” the suggestions don’t move the work in a better direction. So I was pleased when the changes improved the design. She simply told me that the inside and the CD label were a little plain and could I jazz them up a bit. And so I went “heck yeah!” 😉

So that’s all for now. Off to work out some new ideas while I wait for the gypsy bear painting to dry before painting into it again. I’m not sure if this new idea is going to work out, but I’m thinking the new painting might contain an alligator…and…a cupcake. We’ll see how that progresses. All I know is, I’d love to make this idea work out, because it would require MS having cake squashed into his face for reference photos. Ha!

Have a great rest of the week!