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So a couple weeks ago I was sick and tired of the junk piling up in the studio. And since I had to make curtains, I figured I’d reorganize a bunch of stuff too. Why not? There really wasn’t much of a before shot for this, because this craft corner didn’t really exist. There was, however a nice pile of junk collecting in the corner, though. It was a dumping ground for things we either hadn’t put away yet or didn’t have a place for. The best part of this change, was covering the table. As you can see below, I keep all my shipping supplies underneath this table. Quite icky to look at every day, right? Big mess. I lived with this waaaayyy too long.

So a little bit of sewing, a few tabs of velcro, and wha-la! Look how much better this is when the pretty fabric is pulled back on. Ahhhhh…

Here’s a shot of the whole corner. These CD towers made great cubbies for all my craft supplies. Now I can see everything I have pretty much at a glance.

Not as fab as some of the great studios I see all the time on other blogs and Pinterest, but still a nice improvement. I feel much better now. Since I’ve been painting again, I took over my former craft table as a painting space. It’s nice to have the craft area all set up and ready to go again whenever I want to sit down and make something happen. Never underestimate the power of a dedicated space. It makes all the difference between making excuses and getting things done. 🙂 Believe me!

Off to paint! See you next time!