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First, let me say goodbye to Davy Jones of the Monkees: RIP, Davy. I remember how happy he made me at 1:00 when I watched the Monkees faithfully after morning Kindergarten. He was the first boy I had a crush on! From what I hear, he was a really good guy and he always appreciated what the show/band did for his career.  One of my coworkers designed his last CD just this past November or December and I worked on one of his older CDs a couple years ago too. So weird. Hope his family finds comfort in the fact that he didn’t get sick and suffer for a long period of time. My heart goes out to them. I believe his last CD was dedicated to his family. There were a lot of family pictures throughout it. 🙂

Here’s my latest embroidery pattern: “Let Love Bee.” Notice the glasses? Man. Imagine the crazy lenses a bee would need to fix his eyesight, what with their faceted eyes and all.

Spent all weekend reorganizing the studio. Well, my part of it, anyway. It’s much more practical AND I got rid of a lot of junk under my desk that was collecting dust. The same dust that is now adhered itself into the pigment of my painting! Argh! I’m hoping that it will help this painting as I proceed, but if not, hopefully future paintings will benefit from the de-clutter. Gotta jet. I’ll post some studio pics next time!

See you next time, y’all!