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I had to buy a new food processor today, because my old one kept losing parts gradually, starting with the attachment to use the different slicing plates about 8 years ago. So…I bought a lovely new one, because I really needed it–I use it a few times per week. And THEN…MS mentioned he’d like a cappuccino/espresso maker…so I picked one up for cheap. And THEN…I saw one of those shiny RED mini donut makers I’ve been green over since Christmas shopping days…and I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT! Ack! I’m not big on most kitchen gadgets, because I think most of them just take up space and make clutter and give you something extra to clean, but THIS…well…it makes MINI DONUTS!!! I could have bought the pan that just goes in the oven, but it wasn’t much cheaper and the donuts weren’t as small anyway. Can’t wait to make my first l’il ones. So much healthier than the average fried donut. Which brings me to a revelation I had recently about healthy food. About 12 years ago I made a huge change in my life. Long story short, I made a conscious choice to make wise, heart healthy food choices and take better care of myself. It involved learning how to cook and exercising. And although fairly early on I started enjoying my meals, I just realized that not only do I now enjoy a healthier diet, but I seek it out and even dare I say…PREFER it! Even if I see something that I might have thought irresistible many years ago…like some kind of deep fried ooey gooey cheese thing on a commercial…I almost instantaneously think of how gross I’ll feel about 15 minutes after eating such a thing. I’m pretty proud of that change. Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in certain things from time to time, but it’s just different now. I mean who would have thought I’d crave asparagus ever. But I digress from the whole point of this post. New patterns!

I was thinking about old miniature portraits and animals dressed as people. And I thought it would be funnier if it was in French. So, meet Monsieur Lapin…

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And Monsieur Chat… (On a side note, one of the nicknames for our tabby is Monsieur. Dunno why.)

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So that’s that. I have another pattern that will come out next week. This week I want to organize the studio some. It’s out of control. But don’t worry–I’m still painting. I’m getting there a couple hours at a time. And I’m trying to come up with a new painting idea while I’m finishing up the Gypsy Bears painting too, so in my mind that’s a sure sign that I’m getting close. In fact, I’ll likely prolong the finishing of the painting just so I have an idea ready to go. At least something to pursue in sketch form.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!