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Grammys shmammys. How about embroidery contests? The winner of this year’s 2012 Valentine Embroidery Challenge is…drumroll…Stephanie of Deliberately Creative!

Here’s her lovely little entry! Thanks to Stephanie for whipping this up! Stephanie wins three embroidery patterns from my Etsy shop! I didn’t open this up to voting as I mentioned previously, since hers was the only entry this year. But it doesn’t make her entry any less awesome!

Coincidentally, looks like Lisa Leggett whipped up a version of my free Valentine pattern from last year for this year. Came out really nice! See it on her blog post. Also see her lovely Valentine’s Day post here where she reveals a lovely assortment of goodies she made for a Valentine Swap she participated in this year. So awesome, Lisa! You have inspired me to do more for Valentine’s Day next year!

On a different note, as I mentioned last time, I was in pursuit of permission to show off another successful design at work. See the cover below, and below that, the whole package.

It’s always awesome when you can get people to approve a color scheme like this. You’d be surprised at how timid some people can be about color.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m ready to call it a night. See you next time y’all!