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Well, I’m apparently on this Valentine’s Day archive streak. So I thought I should continue until next week. Here she is:

I’ve gotten a couple nice designs approved the past couple weeks at work. I just got permission to show this one in my portfolio. I still need to request the other. This one was cool because they really liked their previous job and it was pretty abstract. They said they wanted something similar – but not the same – and to refrain from using purple or circles. Not surprising considering the name of the band. That would be too predictable and/or repetitive. I picked up on the “Kaleidoscoping” song and used shapes that evoked the colorful imagery you’d see in a kaleidoscope, rather than an actual kaleidoscope image (believe me, that’s where I went first, but it just didn’t have any impact). Note that although the shapes are not circles, they feel round in a way. And of course, the vulture represents the “Vultures” track. I really enjoyed using this color scheme. Coincidentally, the other job I’m hoping to get permission for is similar to these colors. Hopefully you’ll see it soon.

Anyway, that’s it. It was a very social weekend! I even had to do the grocery shopping tonight, instead of Saturday, so I’m really not in the mood to paint tonight. I figure I’ll fulfill some obligations, pay some bills, get to bed early (I chuckle as I check the clock at 11:00PM already) and plan to burn the midnight oil tomorrow night.

Remember, anyone who’s entering the Valentine’s Embroidery Contest, entries are due Feb. 14th. I fear I didn’t promote this one well enough (insert blushing here). No entries so far.

I just wanted to pass along this blog that I found last week called Female Illustrators of the Mid-20th Century. Pretty cool to look through. Check it out!

Farewell! See you next time!