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I was rooting through old work the other day and came across this Valentine’s Day inspired piece of mine that I did for my old Elfville series. I can’t believe these are like 10 years old already. There was a funny story about the Elfvillian tradition on Valentine’s Day. Something about knocking your Valentine down or something – I don’t quite remember. Anyway, There are so many things I would change about this image now. So many details and opportunities I overlooked on this one. I like about .002 things about this piece right now. I think it says something about where I am in my creative endeavors currently. I’m much more interested in improvement than anything else. It would be kind of fun to push this as far as I think I should have and do a comparison (’cause I have scads of time on my hands – insert sarcastic eye roll here). It would be informative for me. Kind of like how I should have taken a photo of my Gypsy Bear painting at the point at which I realized I had to basically start over. It’s quite different now (and yes, I’m taunting you whilst I hide it in secret).

I wouldn’t change a thing on this one…it pretty much sums up the Valentine spirit, I think.

Presently, I’m working on a fun illustration for work – a fun and funky portrait of a girl. I’m hoping it comes out nice (which translates to, I hope the client likes it and doesn’t cancel or make me change everything). Looking forward to working on it tomorrow. Since layoffs, we’ve been swamped. I was supposed to start it last Friday, but just got a chance to start it today. It’s been insane.

In the meantime, I’ve got a website to work on for a friend and hope to punch in a few hours on the painting tonight, so adieu!

See y’all later! Welcome, February!!!