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Since Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple weeks, I figured I’d share with you some of the sweet little Valentines I found at an antique shop this weekend. I never use the word “darling,” but goshdarnit, they ARE darling, aren’t they?! Wonderful little illustrations to celebrate St. Valentine! Seeing them instantly brought me back to grade school and how we made those brown paper bag mailboxes to share cards with each other. Funny that those bags don’t seem to survive the decades. I guess they are reused for lunches the next day…

Corny as can be! Love me some corn!!

A little on the stalker side?

Nothing says lovin' like being willing to pick bugs off your mate.

Now who can resist a birdie serenade?

As an update, it’s official that MS and I are going to Paris at the end of November! I booked us for five days! I don’t think I realized how psyched I was for this trip until I finally booked it. Seeing the Louvre, and Paris no less was kind of something I never really figured I’d be able to do…just a distant idea one sees in movies but never really does I guess. Sounds silly, I know, but being American, I think we often get hung up on the idea that traveling off the continent is a big undertaking. It kind of is. There’s money to spend, jet lag and long plane rides, going through airport security, customs, waiting at the airport, committing time off from work. It’s a lot simpler to drive a few hours to a beach and park yourself for a little while. We can go so far in so many directions in the U.S. and never worry about a customs checkpoint. I suppose it’s very natural for Europeans to travel between countries since many nations are so close in proximity. I wonder if Europeans have the same feeling about traveling to the States as being a big undertaking? Most Europeans I have met seem to be quite well traveled and have even lived on other continents for a couple of years. That’s pretty cool. Although maybe they aren’t the ones to interview since, obviously, by my having met them in the States, they already don’t fall into that category. But still, I know many more Americans obviously, and most of the people I know haven’t traveled all that much and never lived abroad for any extensive period of time. Do other countries just instinctively have wanderlust that we don’t? Is it because many of our ancestors came to the U.S. from other countries already, so we’re subliminally programmed to feel like we’ve already been somewhere else? I know a lot of Americans who say there’s an awful lot to see in our own backyard, so that’s why they don’t leave the country much. I can see that, but can’t you probably say that about most places on earth? Maybe those same people I know just hate flying? Heheh. I’m quite the philosopher today.

Well to close, I just wanted to remind everyone that the Valentine’s Embroidery Contest is still on and entries are due by Feb. 14th. I’ll post the entries and we’ll all vote on a winner!

See you next time! And please sign this petition! Let’s not all be punished because the one kid in class did something wrong.