I’m so annoyed. I hurt myself this weekend…baking. Yes, folks. I bent over to get the mini cupcake pan out of my kitchen cabinet and EEEEYIKES! I don’t know if it was worse than normal (because it’s happened to me a few times), or the fact that I couldn’t really lay down for a day or two since I kept on with the Christmas festivities, but I’m still all crunched up. Last time this happened over the summer I was able to lay down and heal myself in about 36 hours. This time it’s persisting. It will probably take another week to go away – boo hiss! But of course, that can’t stop me! I did lose some painting time Monday because I thought if I could rest one full day that it would go away, but to no avail. So I gave up on resting yesterday since I had to go to work anyway. I’m doing a pretty good job pretending everything is normal. I’m just a slow walker now. Which is weird for me, because I never walk slowly. The only time you’ll see me walk slowly is behind slow people at the supermarket.

Here are a couple shots of the border as it’s progressing. I’m nearly there with that border! I have to knock it back some (it’s a little too vibrant now compared with the main painting) with a glaze of midnight blue, finish the tiny stars and fix the swirly gold lines. THEN I put the finishing touches on everything else. The next time I post the painting will be in its entirety. I really want to wrap this up soon. TWO WEEKS MAXIMUM. I feel like if I say that “out loud” in the blogosphere that it will be so.

King and Queen Mouse

Tiny Mouse Tea Party

Tiny Mouse Tea Party

Swinging Mice and Sleepy Chipmunk

So off I go! Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2012!