Had a great Christmas-y weekend! A small dinner party on Saturday and my all famous annual Christmas tea party on Sunday. I’m so stupid. I forgot to take a photo of the whole table. Trust me that it was colorful, Christmas-y beyond belief and full of food as far as the eye could see. I just love having people over! My house is so clean now! Heheh. You’d think with all the advancement in technology that we would have some kind of household device to suck up dust/dirt/dust bunnies out of the air completely – I mean automatically. I realize there are vacuums, of course. 😉 But I digress.

Here’s my weak attempt at getting Georgie to pose for a Christmas photo (Gidget wouldn’t have any of it).

One of the treat trays for the tea party…

And our skinny Christmas tree. I wish I could find a smaller star for it…

I don’t really understand Christmas stress. I mean, I understand it, but I think it’s mostly self-induced. People have a tendency to put pressure on themselves to do too many things in such a short amount of time. My philosophy is, do what you can. No one will know about all the things on your list that you didn’t do, because it wasn’t their list. I had my parties this weekend and figured out how to enjoy them, prepare and cook and clean for them without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Maybe it was weird to serve Chicken Quesadillas for a holiday dinner, but it was easy to prepare and festive and I wasn’t in the kitchen all day cooking. But when I was in the kitchen, I cranked up the holiday tunes, did a little dancing in my slippery socks and enjoyed it all. Of course, I enjoy cooking, so that helps. But if you don’t enjoy cooking, just buy precooked food. See!–There’s always a solution!

I was going to post a couple photos of the frame progress this week, but it’s kind of like seeing me in my wedding dress without my makeup on. And as in weeks past, without having the sun to take a photo, the photos really leave a lot to be desired. It’s like seeing me in my wedding dress without my makeup on and zooming into my face to see what’s up my nose! Three cheers for the Winter Solstice! Tomorrow will bring a longer day!

As of now, everything’s painted in, but I’m refining it. I’m now putting another layer of blue background down, because it’s still too uneven and blotchy. Damned transparent colors. At least I repainted the sky and it’s good now. I think. I could possibly be done in two weeks. We’ll see how this weekend goes. I took off this Friday to paint, but we’re also stepping out to see “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in the afternoon. Can’t wait!

To everyone who celebrates, have a Merry Christmas!!!

See you next time!