OK. You know I love Halloween, but I swear I’m not really trying to be a huge weirdo persisting with Halloween in December when reindeer, visions of sugar plums and brightly decorated trees should be on my mind. Purely coincidental that I managed to get the month of October for the Disc Makers 2012 desktop calendar. The theme was colors used in song. Mine is “Black Magic Woman.” It just happened to be perfect for October. Tee hee. This is probably one of my favorite calendar designs I’ve done for this calendar (an annual holiday thank you gift to customers) over the past 11 years. Incorporating the calendar in a natural way is probably the hardest thing to pull off with this project and I think it worked out pretty well here. I like the stark contrast. I rarely do that. It was fun. Some of my co-workers think it’s a portrait of me, but it’s not. 🙂

As for the status of my Gypsy Bear painting…yes…I’m still painting. It’s almost as though the further along I get, the farther away I feel like I am from finishing. But that’s OK because this is the most enjoyable part – working on the frame and tweaking everything. Although I kid about it taking so long, it’s nice to work on a project that pushes me to do more, rather than getting something done quickly with the ever present attitude of “good enough.” For those of you who are designers and illustrators, you understand my meaning. Deadlines have a way of making one make artistic sacrifices. There still will be a point where I have to say “good enough” or I could theoretically work on it forever. Really. I think I could work on this forever.

Short post today. I have to do a bunch of boring things like hook up a UPS device and new back up drive to our computers. Who knew that brown outs are worse than black outs? Aye aye aye. Long story short, our computers are fine, but we need to protect our investments. MS is hovering over me waiting for me to do this – literally (well standing about, not actually floating). 😉

See you soon! And I promise some embroidery patterns for you for next time! Stay tuned.