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For Pete’s sake! I tried to get a decent photo of this thing last week and I just couldn’t in the studio, so I tried to take one outside this morning. The glare is minimal, but it’s still blurry. That’s what I get for trying to take it in a hurry before work and without a tripod. I’m praying that I can get a good image of it when I scan it after it’s finished.

Anyway, here is the painting in its current state. I messed up the sky and have to redo that. Still working on refining everything and adding details. Some areas are still dull from being worked on. And obviously, the frame is not at all worked on really. Why, it’s almost as though I’m nowhere near finished! Aye aye aye. Maybe I’ll finish end of December? Didn’t I say end of November before? Sigh. I should have had a less involved piece to work on while working on this one so I didn’t feel so compelled to work on it in every bit of “free” time. πŸ˜‰

Gypsy Bear Painting Overview (Unfinished)

Gypsy Bear Painting Detail (Unfinished)

So that’s all. I really should put up our skinny Christmas tree and related festooning while I’m waiting for the blue in the border to dry. Otherwise, I might never get around to it.

See you next time!