MS and I have been collecting art for the past few years. Some people collect paintings of trees or food. We collect pieces by people we know or whom we have at least met. IlluxCon, in addition to being a very inspiring show to experience, is also one of our favorite places to acquire art. We like the human element and are not closed-minded to subject matter (Although, I do have some restrictions on how gross something is and for what hangs where. For example, no gory battle scenes in the living room). As you scroll down, you will see how unusual our collection is becoming…

Sketch by Raoul Vitale for his "Turin and Glaurung" painting.

Steve Belledin painting for Magic: The Gathering "Kor Soldier"

Sketch by Steve Prescott

Randy Gallegos painting for Magic: The Gathering ""Loxodon Mystic"

Sketchbook page by Gary Lippincott of Bilbo Baggins

Study of a donut by Christina Hess

Geinball machine by Tom Kuebler

I daresay you might be surprised by the variety. We have lots of stuff to frame before we can hang everything. MS wants to cover up all of our walls with paintings and sketches someday. I am all for it, but think we need some wall space free somewhere to rest the eyes. We’ll see how it goes. All I know is, I’m not hanging anything of his up anymore unless promises not to put it up for sale. Puts a big empty space in our “exhibit” space every six months or so.

The donut study by Christina Hess is dear to MS because of his love for donuts (You might say he’d have a hard time choosing between me and a jelly donut if there were a fire in the kitchen). He’s a sucker for anything Tolkien related, so the Gary Lippincott sketch was a particularly great score and Raoul Vitale’s sketch is wonderful despite Raoul’s telling us we could just throw it out if we didn’t want it. I’m very glad to have paintings by Steve Belledin and Randy Gallegos now too because I really like their work. The Steve Prescott sketch is a great addition to the two paintings we have of his already, and the Geinball machine by Tom Kuebler? – well…how could we resist? It actually works!

To see more of the works of these artists represented above, follow these links: Raoul VitaleSteve PrescottTom KueblerGary LippincottChristina HessSteve BelledinGallegos

Maybe some day when we have everything framed and displayed, we’ll have a “gallery” show. Who knows. 🙂

See you soon! Off to paint a gypsy caravan. I’m making progress, but still have a ways to go. I’ll have some update pix next time for sure.