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I can’t believe how quickly October came and went. Is it really true that Halloween is over? Gimme one last chance! Here are some fun Halloween shakers that Ina and her friend Lisa made. Aren’t they great? Folksy and fun like Halloween is meant to be! The little one is a rattle for Lisa’s grandson. It’s such a nice idea to get together with friends and make things for the holidays. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!


I’m plodding along slowly on the painting. Here’s a detail of a gypsy or two. The photo is suffering from glare spots – I didn’t feel like taking it off the easel. Getting there. Eventually I’ll get to putting in the decorative details on the farthest right bear’s balalaika. (Try saying that four times fast). I’m working right to left on the gypsies now. Good idea since I’m left handed. It’s pretty much dry by the time I start painting each day, but sometimes there are tacky spots.Β  I’ve decided to work on the frame last. So much for getting this done by end of September. Haha. Looks more like end of November!


Tomorrow is the start of IlluxCon 4 in Altoona, PA. The show goes through Sunday, so I won’t be getting any work done, but there will be great pix of the exhibit when I return! Be sure to scroll down that page to see the award that MS is nominated for. It’s called the Illie award. I’ve never wanted him to win something more. I think he’s adorable! (The trophy, not MS. Although, MS is cute too. Teehee.)

On one last sidenote, I had mentioned on Facebook how a weird friend of mine put out a can of sardines in his Halloween candy bowl. I just realized he isn’t weird at all! After all, there should be a “trick” in that treat basket, shouldn’t there?! Gives me ideas for next year!

Oh and just between you and me, I just MAY have bought another Halloween decoration that was on sale today for next year…aye aye aye…I have a problem.

See you next time!