Get yer Halloween craft project here! Perhaps you remember these from last year? I thought I’d spread a little Halloween cheer by offering this free craft project for everyone just in time for all the festivities this weekend. I designed it last year. Cute little paper treat cups perfect for place settings or for handing out treats to your pals! Download here. It’s complete with instructions and everything!

On a side note, I had a great weekend. Monday was particularly fabulous. I had planned to take a day off of work for fun, so MS and I went to Philly to do some shopping at Dick Blick’s art supply, then we had lunch at Barbuzzo and I spent the rest of the day painting. I often forget how nice it is to spend the better part of your day working on personal work. I don’t know if it’s purely because I’m working on the more enjoyable part of the painting or because I’m sharper and more alert during the day, but I got a lot done. Although, I did get several more hours in than usual, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. My friends and family laugh at me a lot, because they can’t believe I stay up so late working. For example, I get up around 7:30AM, get ready for work, go to work, get home by 6:30-ish, squeeze in a stop at the gym for a spell some days, go home, cook dinner, have dinner, sit on the couch and veg out with MS for a couple hours and then go up to the studio to do some work. Note that it’s usually around 9:00 or 9:30PM that I trudge up the stairs to start working. Many of my friends are already getting ready for bed then! So, depending on how it goes, I stop working around 12:30 or 1:00 and “wind down” for an hour or so reading or whatever. And then every morning I wake up and my first thought is: “Why do I do this to myself? I’ll get some sleep tonight.” And then by the time 9:30PM rolls around, I’m feeling pretty good and go through the whole thing again. THEN, if we don’t have anything planned, Friday hits and not only do I do the same thing again, but I stay up LATER, because I figure I can sleep in a little the next day. But because I don’t like sleeping the day away, I pretty much still get up by 9:30, so it’s not like I really gained much sleep. I do, however, nod off a bit on the weekends if we’re watching TV. Sometimes I crash pretty hard on a Sunday night. But I love it! I just love life and all the things there are to do. I want the most out of every day! I know I should get more sleep, but it’s one health habit I’m not the greatest with yet. Sigh. Someday I’ll learn. I think it will catch up with me at some point, but I might just ignore it…dunno. Interview me in five years.

Have a great Halloween weekend, all and enjoy the project!