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Let’s start off with a little pumpkin witch to get it out of my system. Meet Stinky. Made him last week.

On another topic, here’s a design sample I got last week that I’m allowed to post. It’s surprising how seldom we get clients who want something simple for their CD packaging design, let alone a design without their photo on the cover or anywhere else for that matter. I like the way this job turned out. I just found a nice nature photo, colorized it and gave it a subtle blurry shadow. The key to this one is all in the cropping – lots of good negative space. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of something clean like this getting two thumbs up from the client.

On the flip side, yesterday I had quite a complicated request. It’s a classical CD that correlates with different visual artists from Picasso to Calder to Monet to Miró – at least ten or so different artists. The client wanted the packaging to flow smoothly from one artist’s work to the other as if it were depicting the flow of music. Well. That might not sound very difficult to you, but here’s the catch: I couldn’t use any of the artists’ actual work since it’s all under copyright. You know me, I’m always talking about problem solving and how it’s often challenging in design as well as illustration. Since many of the artists depicted were abstract artists, I drew art inspired by their work to portray the feel of their art. I had to leave out some of the artists because it would have meant I’d have to basically paint something to represent their art…and that wasn’t going to happen, so hopefully the client will be cool with it. I think she’ll either love what I’ve done – or hate it. I sent along a nice letter with the design to explain the reasoning behind what I did and didn’t do for her, so hopefully she’ll dig it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed: x x.

And no – I haven’t started the gypsy painting yet. MS has been busy, so I’m still waiting patiently for my prepared board. Sighhhhhhhh.

See you next time!