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Hooray!! MS took my sketch into Philly to get an enlargement made on acid free paper today! AND picked me up some lovely brand new brushes. LOTS of teensy ones too to get into all those little details. So while waiting patiently to get the sketch for my painting mounted to a board (MS is the expert at that) to start the “Gypsy” painting I’ve been chronicling for the past several weeks, I took some “me” time to work on some Halloween stuff. I’m always inspired and amazed by my Flickr friends and all the amazing crafts that they do for themselves! I tend to give my stuff away or sell them in my Etsy shop, so I thought, why not take a little time to make stuff for me for a change!? I deserve it, right?

Here are four noisemakers. They are cardboard box tops filled with rice. They are enclosed with card stock, painted with acrylic paint and sealed up with mod podge. The heads are about 5 inches wide. Big ones. These are delightfully noisy, but not overly so. I can imagine myself skipping outside with them wearing my witch costume and throwing candy from a bucket to passersby. Haha.

Here is Sylvia. She is a little needle felted doll. She’s about three inches tall. MS says it looks like a little voodoo me and he’ll be moving the pins around all day while I’m at my day job! I agree with him, though. She does remind me of me. Tee hee. Eh…note to self…bring Sylvia to work tomorrow just in case she works. 😉

What Halloween projects will you be working on? AND have you noticed that there is more Christmas stuff than Halloween stuff at Michael’s? They are really getting a jump on things this year. I was a little disappointed with the Halloween selection there, but that’s actually good, because I didn’t spend too much money. 🙂

Since progress on my Gypsy painting will be slow, I probably won’t be posting week to week updates. I’ll just post when there’s something worth showing. It will give me a chance to mix things up a bit. After all, my favorite time of year is upon us! Sad to see it get dark a little earlier these days, but I DO love the fall, so I’m looking forward to it!

One last thing! I’ve already bought a bunch of new Halloween decorations already. These mummy lights were irresistible! Have I shared with you my favorite Halloween resource? Martha Stewart loves this place too: D. Blümchen and Company. Feel free to throw me links of your favorite Halloween resources too! (Hint hint.)

See you next time!