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Holly cow has it been a long week! The weekend was long and tense with the hurricane passing through. I woke up Sunday morning after 4 hours of sleep (while MS stayed awake in case the power went out along with the sump pump), and my whole body was sore, including my clenched jaw muscles. Oy! But fortunately we suffered no damage nor power outages. Just a lot of tree branch debris on the roof and the yard. We were lucky. Some people still have their power off. It angers me that many news headlines and talk show talk included negative rhetoric about the “hype.” You know…how theย  media was over blowing the storm for ratings and politicians were overcompensating for political reasons. Sure, many of us were very lucky in this area, but to have the nerve to say the storm was over hyped when many people in our state lost their homes and suffered terrible damages including many deaths? Good gravy! I suppose those naysayers would prefer that everyone lost their homes or worse, then all the “scare” and preparation would have been worth it. Unbelievable. It’s so disrespectful to people who are suffering over this storm. Should the media apologize that it was only a category one hurricane too? Would they rather that the politicians and first responders fouled up and caused more harm than good? Sickening. OK. I’m done. That’s my rant. Here are some east coast photos of all the states that were affected.

Anyhow, between finishing laundry in case the power went out indefinitely from hurricane Irene, cleaning the house before our evacuee house guests (we had some family who lives at the shore who were evacuated) arrived and watching MS secure all the potential outside projectiles, I managed to finish the color study for the gypsy painting. It’s a bit rough, but gives me enough information to move on to the finished painting. I left out just enough to make it more fun for me later too โ€“ like what tiny details I might add in on the clothes or border. Now all I need to do is get the drawing enlarged and copied onto acid free paper and I can start the painting โ€“ finally! Can’t wait!

That’s all for now. Looking forward to a much more uneventful long Labor Day weekend.

See you next time!