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Sometimes for one reason or another, you have to hobble things together to make an idea work. I’ve been mentioning for a couple weeks that I had some things arise while I was doing the color study for the gypsy painting. What things you might ask? Well, first, the moon at the top wasn’t working. I just didn’t like it anymore as a centerpiece. Then from afar, it kind of looked like the moon on the border was rising over a mountain. Not at all what I intended. Anyway, then I learned to detest the rolling hill in the background. There was too much curve going on what with the curvaceous border. Well, thank goodness for Photoshop. Instead of redrawing everything, I drew an alternate background and patched it into the main sketch. I went through several ideas before deciding on this one, pretty much making holes out of the original drawing from all the erasing and redrawing. Below is the new background. I had cut out a paper shape to hide the old background so I could draw “on” the sketch.

Then I merged it onto the rest of the sketch in Photoshop:

Here’s a recap of what it looked like before:

And a detail of the new top centerpiece for the border:

Sneak peek at the color study:

A regal king and queen mouse couple to rule over this scene. With a little luck I’ll finish the color study this week.

Have a great weekend! Stay dry and earthquake free! What an unusual week in NJ for us!