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SETTING: The old game show “$100,000 Pyramid”

CONTESTANT ONE: “A fully packed vending machine…a fresh new pack of crayons…a brand new notebook…a brand new jar of peanut butter just before you scoop out that first dollop…”

CONTESTANT TWO ANSWERS: “What are…beautiful things!”

So starts my occasional lecture on odd things I think are beautiful. Now, you can probably figure out why the jar of gumballs and the pack of crayons are beautiful. How about the vending machine? I always love it when I see a vending machine all stocked up! – all the shiny wrappers and bags lit up nicely from the display lights! It makes me sad to see only a couple bags of Cheetos, some mints, trail mix and a bunch of swirly empty rings. Sadder still if the lights are out too! Horrors! The fulfillment of snacking dreams requires a fully stocked vending machine (that is the purpose of the vending machine, you know – the fulfillment of snacking dreams). It’s so special to me that it almost seems like the dude that stocks the machines should have fairy wings…but that’s just me.

What are some things you think are beautiful that are unusual?

On the gypsy sketch front, I have had a bit of a turn in a different direction. The color study required a bit of a change in the sketch, so I’ve been working that out. Not quite finished yet, though, so I thought it was a good excuse to post the free pattern for this month: Owleys! Download the PDF here!

On a side note, I have continued with my “Money Is the Root of All Evil” embroidery project and after embroidering yet another terrible “M” and ripping out the stitches, I’m happy to say I have a new “M” that is to my satisfaction and will be able to continue now with confidence. Had a hard time figuring out what kind of fill stitch to use for the squared off letters. As I make progress I’ll post some pics (I didn’t think a solitary “M” would be noteworthy). Haha.

Well…back to work on that sketch revision for me. Everyone have a great end of week and a fabulous weekend! Buy something nice for yourself…and maybe invest in a fine cheese…