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First, I wanted to share with you a lovely little example of an embroidery block of my little Cowboy Bee Pattern that was free last month. This little guy is by Ina! Isn’t it great? Thanks for sharing it with me, Ina! So fun to see! Especially since I haven’t even gotten around to embroider it myself!

Here is my “final” drawing of the Gypsy Bears. I say “final,” because as you might have noticed on the color sketch for my last piece, that now will be a good opportunity to work any kinks out. As I work on the color sketch in Photoshop, things might change some. The border in particular needs some good tinkering.These color sketches will probably be a lot looser than that elephant color sketch since there’s so much detail. I’m not quite sure yet how to paint the border so that it’s secondary to the main image, but still important on its own. Paint it like a regular painting at normal hues? Push it back with an overall tint? Or maybe just pick a color palette that naturally pushes it back…hard to know yet until I mess around with the color sketch stage. I’ll most likely do a couple and compare to see what works best. Click on it to see it a bit better.

So that’s that. The work ain’t over yet, folks!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! Thanks for stopping by!