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Things are coming along. I pretty much have everything in there now. Just have to push the lights/darks and overall lighting. Here are a few new shots in progress:

Eh…I’m thinking I’ll need a brush with one hair on it to get into some of these details in the border. I’m working at almost full size now (about 18″ x 24″), but it might be too small. The acid free paper I think I’m going to copy the drawing onto is only 22″ x 30,” but maybe that will do the trick for me to get in there with a double zero brush. Fingers crossed! Oy. Anyway, note the mice playing Newton here. Tee hee.

Here we have some dancing mice and a meditating chipmunk – among other things.

Some raccoons sitting atop the caravan…

This week I had a nod from DMC – yep – those who manufacture the embroidery floss we so lovingly adore. Thought that was neat. πŸ˜‰

And as promised, a new free embroidery pattern for July. I was going through some sketches and thought this would make a nice pattern. Download the PDF here.

Well, that’s all I got folks! See you in August!