For Pete’s sake! I’ve finally finished gathering reference (I think) for this thing last night! We shot reference for the basic clothing last night. Last Thursday I finished the rough maquettes and took a good lighting reference shot for the overall scene. It’s amazing how well the cardboard caravans stood up to the plasticlay figurines. This photo will be quite handy. Can you see how it’s giving me some nice night time “fire” glow to work with?

So now, I think I have everything I need to keep going with the sketch. I enlarged the rough sketch to about twice the size and am just now starting to work up the final sketch. Although I’m excited about this project, part of me has started daydreaming about all the other things I could be doing during this whole process. I was perusing all my favorite embroidery groups and blogs yesterday, longing to put my needles and floss to good use–you all are very inspiring to me! Look at this wonderful little scene developing by Love Stitching Red! Check out this cool bead work by Hopscotch-corner! I am committed to working on this now, but since I can’t seem to find a book I want to finish (I’ve abandoned three so far) to unwind with before bed, perhaps I’ll get back to poking around with my “Money Is the Root of All Evil” embroidery project. Perhaps that will hold my attention.

So speaking of books, I was half way through the first book of The Strain, by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan – and pretty much enjoying it – but suddenly I just was like: “…meh.” I’m not against vampire stories, but I guess they really don’t do anything for me. Although, maybe “Let the Right One In” (which I watched a few months ago) ruined me for vampire stories. It was SUCH a great vampire movie. Not predictable or corny at all. It was originally a book, but I don’t really have any interest in reading the book now – I enjoyed the movie way too much. Don’t you think it’s hard to read a book after you’ve seen the movie version of it? Although, I guess it’s difficult the other way around too. There’s always disappointment. I remember reading the book version of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” after seeing the movie when I was like 12. Boy, was that lame! Haha. However, in retrospect, I think you might all agree I should have known that would be lame! Haha. Which books have you read that stank after seeing the movie version?

On another side note, a pal at work sent me a link to Michael Kutsche’s concept work for “Thor.” Pretty amazing stuff. If you dig deeper, you’ll see his “Alice in Wonderland” stuff that I think I posted about a year ago. Beautiful stuff. I also came across the work of several artists at Imaginism Studios recently too. Lots of whimsical fun.

Well, enough talk. Back to work for this gal.

See you next time! Keep those creative caps on!