I worked out the main sketch for the painting and just started working on maquettes (models) for reference. Check out this paper caravan:

Here are some rudimentary bears and a fox. I’m using plasticlay this time instead of sculpey. I bought it because I could get it in a darker, neutral color (better for photos) fairly inexpensively. Sculpey comes in many colors, but it’s pricey for the little packages and it would really add up for the amount I need. It’s a nice material in that it doesn’t harden, but it’s kinda greasy (say greasy with a z: “gree-zee”). Greasiness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but while I was trying to make the paper instruments, my gree-zee fingers kept gree-zin’ up the tape and it wouldn’t stick very well. The material is also extra pliable as compared with sculpey. At first it might sound like a good thing, but it’s not, because if you put any detail into it you can easily smudge it off. So I dunno how much more accuracy I’ll try to get with it. And the jury is out on whether I’ll choose to use it again.

A look at the sketch with the main painting roughed in (can you find the bears and fox above in the sketch?…):

Only 9 more models to go! (Zoinks!) It gives me something to do while waiting for a good time to shoot photo reference. There will be a lot and I need to give MS some time to gear up for it. Hopefully the long weekend will help in that regard.

On a different topic, I have this great friend I’d like to introduce you to. His name is Chris “Patch” Patchell. He was interviewed by Kathy Davis for a first in her series of interviews for “Inside the Artist’s Studio.” It’s a cool start to the series and best of all it stars my great pal! It’s always great to hear artists talk about their work. You never know what you might learn.

Lastly, it’s that time of the month again. Free Embroidery Pattern! I was thinking about our heroes, the bees. May they live long and prosper so we can too! Download the PDF here.

That’s all folks. Have a fabulous 4th of July weekend!