This sounds ridiculous, but I’m too close to finishing the elephant painting to post a picture of it. I figure I should wait until it’s finished, rather than posting an “almost” finish. Because of me working so much on this, this post is particularly light in content.

I regret that I missed my free embroidery pattern of the month for last month. Horrors! Tell me who isn’t in the ice cream mood these days! On Memorial Day we were talking with friends about the Mr. Softee truck and how we used to get so excited when we heard it coming around the neighborhood. Most of us agreed that we still get happy when we hear the truck, but pretty much don’t do anything because, well, we’re adults now and can get ice cream whenever we want. We’re not at the mercy of our allowances, the summer, and whether or not we can run fast enough to catch a truck. Haha.

Download the high-resolution PDF here. Pass it around to your friends! Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

Next time: Elephant Joyride painting finish!!! Woo hoo!