Hip hip…hooray!!! Finally started the painting! It’s the second oil painting I’ve done in 9 years or so. You see, I gave it up many years ago under the impression that painting “silly” things was too serious for oils. I traded my sable brushes for the airbrush in Photoshop. It lended a more casual look to my illustrations, I thought. But now, MS argued I was being ridiculous and that it’s quite valid to paint the subject matters that I like in oils. So here I am, testing out his theory. Here’s a photo of the illustration mounted up on MDF and ready to go (thank you, MS!). It’s tinted for kind of an underpainting effect, but you’ll see I’ll really paint everything out anyway for the most part.

Below is the start to my painting. I just block in midtones to start and let it dry so I have a painted surface to grab onto next time I sit down to paint. Right now the surface is a little slippery and not my favorite way to start rendering. I don’t know how people paint in impasto (wet paint). Would drive me nuts.

I’ve been joking that I’ll be cursing a lot because I don’t have the luxury of the “undo” button in Photoshop. Maybe true.

Although I gave up painting with real life brushes and paint a ways back, my process in Photoshop is really almost identical to painting with paint. (I still block in color, work in the lights and darks and then add detail.) The only difference is that I scan the pencil drawing in and rely more on the drawing to dictate my final piece rather than building up opaqueness. See below for an example:

That’s it for now. On a side note, my textile portfolio is off to Surtex as we speak. The show starts on Sunday. Hopefully my agent will get to show it to many interested parties. I’m crossing my fingers that the market is in desperate need of adorable novelty prints and cute graphic flower prints. 🙂 Wish us luck!

New embroidery pattern to be released in my shop next time. See you soon!