Quite a hectic week! Our girl kitty, Gidget had emergency surgery last week. There were stones in her little bladder! She’s doing much better now. She even greeted me at the door like her old self yesterday! Georgie is however, turning out to be a lot like Lois Lane. You know how Lois Lane can’t tell that Clark Kent is Superman because of the glasses he wears? Georgie (Gidget’s brother) sees this cat with a blue collar and wants to know who this stranger is in his house. He won’t stay in the same room with her. In his defense, I suppose she smells different what with the icky medicine stuck to her little chinny-chin-chin, so how do we ever expect him to recognize her!

Anyhow, in between the horrid medication dosing schedule (Seriously! Who has a cat who sits nicely for meds like on the YouTube videos that show how to give your cat medication!) and frequent trips following her around the house to make sure she’s OK and cleaning up after her “accidents” (like mistaking the laundry basket for a litter box), I managed to finish the sketch and color sketch.

Once I finished the color sketch, I felt that it lacked enough lambs, so I added more. I added more lambs to the color sketch to see how it would look. While I was working it out, I just copied and pasted random existing lambs in there and then adjusted my pencil sketch afterwards.

Now I think I’m ready. Now all I have to do is get MS to prepare my painting surface for me! (He’ll print out the drawing for me and mount it to masonite.) I used to paint on stretched watercolor paper, but that’s a pain because you have to transfer the drawing. By mounting the sketch on the board, I don’t have to worry about drawing the whole thing all over again. It’s not that I’m lazy so much as that when you do that, I think it loses something in the translation when you draw it again. Especially when painting something silly.

I need to buy some new brushes and a daylight lamp, since MS stole mine (not to mention my pencil box, but that’s an old story).

Interesting side note…The elephant’s dress is based on one of Audrey Hepburn’s dresses in “My Fair Lady.” Haha. I get a kick out of the big fat elephant wearing her dress. Tee hee.

See you next time!