So today I find myself in that weird predicament again, where although I have been working on projects, I don’t have anything to show you just yet. But, it’s the perfect opportunity to root through the old files and share some old work!

Let me start by saying that over the past couple years, I’ve had difficulty trying to figure out what I want to make pictures of. I’m not talking about writers’ block. I’m talking about pictures that make me truly excited to work on them. Once, not long ago, I had this silly little world I was the inventor of, and I knew the kind of pictures I had fun making. These illustrations are pencil sketches colored in Photoshop. I called this world “Elfville.”

After a time I grew disenchanted with Elfville and tried to work on more familiar subject matter like general fairy tales, but, alas…it just wasn’t doing it for me. If you’ve read this blog for a while now, know that I like to do a bunch of different things. I always try new things and explore my creative self in whatever way is available to me at the time regardless of medium. I think in a way, I am still searching for my ultimate form of self-expression – that vision that I have knotted up in my head that I just haven’t quite untangled yet. What I do know is that everything I have been doing has been in some way the key to figuring out what that is and everything I do has its purpose. Will I ever figure it out? Should I ever figure it out? All I know is, I am proud that although I’ve gone in many different directions, because it has helped me grow as an artist. To me, growth is HUGELY important. I never want to look back at what I worked on 10 years ago and not see growth and improvement in some form.

When I started doing the simple, cute little embroidery drawings and colorful textile patterns, I think it opened me up to free my mind a bit. So now, I will attempt to use this freedom as a springboard for something new. When we were in Ireland, MS and I had a long talk about things and how I should paint more. And so I think I shall. First up, I have been working on a full blown illustration of the “Elephant Joy Ride” embroidery pattern. I’ll give you a sneak peak next time! And this one I’m definitely going to paint. Not like the last sketch. Yeah…not sure I’m going to paint that one now. We’ll see. 😉

See you soon and Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!