I’ve been home for 6 days, and silly to say, I welled up a little just now thinking about how lovely our trip was and how bittersweet things can sometimes be. I still have lingering thoughts and feelings about the place and what we saw there, and how nice it was to spend so much time with MS. Traveling can be such a wonderful thing. We escaped for a little while all our worries and the stress of day-to-day living and just lived for the moment. How great it would be to be able to do that more often! I wish we got two months vacation like they have in Europe! (Pictured above: Nini the sea dog and some of her new friends)

Wonderful as it was, I was glad to return, for I love to be home, I love my life and the people and kitties in it. I love my routine and getting back to work and thinking about what to post on this silly little blog too.

So what did we do, you might be asking? We saw hundreds of sheep and cows, five rainbows in one day, and met one shaggy dog who walked across the street just to pee on our car! We saw the Cliffs of Moher, drove around the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry, visited Galway City three times (once for visiting, once for dinner and once for shopping), explored the Burren, (Poulnabrone portal tomb shown above) walked through Ailwee Cave, saw a birds of prey performance of one amazing falcon, visited Newgrange, Trim Castle, the Rock of Cashel, took a boat trip to Skellig Islands with the greatest sea dog ever, and climbed a mountain in Connemara. We drew when we could, drove a lot, ate and drank well and watched a reality show all about “lambing.” I even managed to get MS to not have Irish Stew one night because of the latter. Haha.

It truly was an adventure. It’s such an amazing place to experience. Ripe with history, picturesque, and – dare I say – magical. It’s weird how you can travel between the present and the past in mere minutes as you drive through the countryside. Imagine having remnants of a castle in your own backyard. Granted, in America we don’t go that far back, but most people here would tear down that “unsightly” structure if it was on their property.

Sometimes we had the opportunity to sit and draw, but sometimes it was so windy that it was difficult. The wind was even shaking my hand! MS reminded me that this type of drawing was more about the fun of drawing rather than producing good art. This was particularly comforting after struggling to draw at the Cliffs of Moher, when I smeared my drawing with my runny nose!!! Aw, man!

Here are a couple of my more successful drawings. I got a little better at the outside thing as time went on. The first is from Trim Castle, then a stone beehive hut, and finally a view of the Rock of Cashel.

On our last day, we took a little boat (that’s right, a 20-25 footer out on the sea!) from Portmagee pier on the Ring of Kerry, 9 miles out to sea to visit the Skellig Islands. It was amazing. I’ve never been out at sea. Birds flew right over our heads and the waves billowed endlessly about us. It sounds ridiculous to say, but when we came upon Skellig Michael, it was so vivid that it made me think of an impressive cgi in a movie. But it was real! We weren’t able to land, because the waves were too choppy. The captain of the boat didn’t want to take a chance that someone would fall into the sea. It would have been cool to roam about the island though. It was settled by monks in about the 7th century.

This photo was taken on the way there. And as you can see, some of the land formations were enveloped in fog.

This is a photo we took when we were like…holy crap we’re here!

Here we see a view of the town of Dingle on Dingle Peninsula. A typical look for rural towns all over Ireland. Colorful and inviting.

Me climbing the mountain in Connemara after I’d lost my baseball cap in the extreme wind. You’ll be glad to know we didn’t try to retrieve it. I’d like to think a sheep ate it or something. And by the way, the path wasn’t always that easy to climb. 🙂

Me and MS at the top. Someone had piled rocks very high and they were wiggling in the wind. If you watch the video, you’ll see me pointing it out. 🙂

So there you have the condensed story. For a look at a lot more photos, feel free to check out the flickr set. There are five videos at the very end. Check out MS’s blog post for a little history about the stuff we saw.

Hope you’ve all been well! See you next time!